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Let Central Florida Shuttle, get you there safely, without delay and the reason booking is so important? Your time  is  valuable.


To or from Orlando airport to Sebastian , Vero Beach ,Fort Pierce, the fare is $125.00 for (1 to 3) Passengers, $15.00 each other Passenger, no cost for reasonable Luggage.

    (321) 749-1794      

(888)435- 0044    

Central Florida Shuttle, Rates are adjustable,for the Publics good, because there is no third Party  to deal with, and is good for competition, in My private occupation for your gain.

Roland Robert Carlson By Service mark no. T14000000632 has exclusive Rights to the Service Name Central Florida Shuttle / CENTRAL FLORIDA SHUTTLE any other person or people using this Trade Name without the written permission from Roland Robert Carlson will pay for the exercise for using the domain name or service mark or face litergation procedure.

Zip codes to or from door to door service Brevard  County   Florida   32920 / 32927 /32903/ 32904 /32940 /32953/ 32907/ 32937/  32796/ 32922/ 32931/ 32950/ 32934/ 32951/ 32754/ 32909/ 32976/ 32926/ 32949/ 32901/ 32935/ 32952/ 32905/ 32955/ 32780 24 hours 7 days each week bookings are substantial yet not required.        

Central Florida Shuttle is owned and operated as a Transportation provider by Roland Carlson  for "you and your families comfort" / He  operates 24/7 / Door to Door service /  Booking is Suggested to prevent delays in your Travel to  or from  Home / office / Sea Ports / Airports / Hotels / Bus Terminals / or  Theme Parks Within (250) Miles / to or from /  these Places Below. (40) miles min. from Orlando M.C.O. International Airport to any destination you request.

 Service Mark no. T14000000632



   Transportation Shuttle / 7 or 15 Passenger Van Service form Orlando international  airport to Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center, discount rate $75.00 1 to 3 Family members $15.00 each extra Person no Charge for reasonable luggage,  Door to Door, 24/7, Each way  

door to door service                      24/7

Toll free

To or from Orlando Airport, to Melbourne , Palm Bay , Bare Foot Bay              the Fare is $85.00 (1 to3) Passengers /$15.00 for each other Passenger, no cost for luggage that is reasonable

(321) 749-1794

To or from Orlando Airport, to Port Canaveral ,Cape Canaveral ,Cocoa Beach, the fare is $75.00 for (1 to 3) Passengers , $15.00 each other Passenger, no Cost for Reasonable luggage, pick up from  Port Canaveral to Orlando $20.00 extra.

Central Florida Shuttle 

To or from Orlando Airport, to Lakeland , Winter Haven , Plant City, the fare is $125.00 (1 to 3) Passengers  / $15.00 for each other passenger, no cost for reasonable luggage

  Port Canaveral Cruise and Commercial ship Channel


We  Service  to   or   from,  Orlando,   Airport   to   Cape Canaveral, Port  Canaveral, Central Florida, We  cover all Places from North, South, East and West of Central Florida by  5 Passenger Town Car to 15 Passenger Vans well maintained with Safe Drivers, non smoking           

Orlando (MCO) Airport / Cruise Port Canaveral

We go 250 miles around Orlando International Airport 24/7 Door to Door