Florida Shrimp Boats

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Central  Florida  Shuttle  is a independent / door to door / 24/7 / (365)  days a  year  service. Roland is dependable and has been transporting  People all  over  the  State of Florida for over  (10) years with  no Complaints  or Break downs   our   vehicles   are  Clean / air conditioned / well Maintained    comfortable  and   free   from  all   kinds  of smoking for  clean  breathing.  Roland  was  a  deep  sea Commercial  Shrimper  Off  and  on  for  over  (30)  years Arthritis  had  him   give  Shrimping  up  and  he  went  to Driving People from all  over  Florida.  His office is Merritt Island, and Saint Petersburg  Florida  and  works  (250) Miles   around Orlando Florida with a (40) mile minimum.

Airport Shuttle Service

 CENTRAL FLORIDA SHUTTLE IS A TRADE MARK NAME # T14000000632 owned exclusively by Roland Robert Carlson He give no rights to any other named source human or corporate, fictitious, or imitation names. because this trade name is private no Person or person has any right to advertise its name over the internet or any other way unless my permission has been given in lawful form with my personal signature and finger print, thank you.

              Central Florida Shuttle              Airport  Shuttle Service                       (321) 749-1794                door to door service  24 / 7                                               

Port Canaveral Ship Channel and Cruise Ships